Spiritual Formation

This course is designed to help students cultivate and gain knowledge of spiritual practices that foster lively faith and healthy leadership that can build up the Christian faith and ministry of individuals and communities in an Anglican context. Over the course of several semesters, students will cultivate spiritual practices that will sustain them in their vocations, and skills that enable them to engage communities in spiritual work; develop spiritual practices that support their faithful life as Christian disciples; recognize how habitual spiritual practices may foster resilience and faith; learn how to teach holistic Christian formation practices to others; integrate rhythms of communal worship into life habits; and learn to recognize the challenging tension between community responsibility, personal self-care, and time apart for rest and retreat. Course activities include: engagement in spiritual direction; participation in worship and leadership; spiritual retreats and quiet days; participation in formation peer groups. This course is required each semester for all CDSP MDiv and CAS students.