CALL – Online Preparation for Leadership & Continuing Education

CDSP’s Center for Anglican Learning and Leadership (CALL) works actively with partner dioceses across the Episcopal Church to develop curricula and continuing education courses that support local formation for ordained ministry and complement diocesan-based retreats and formation experiences. CALL’s online courses are taught by experienced instructors—often seminary professors—and students can work directly with instructors as well as fellow students. Our close relationships with partner dioceses means that CDSP can offer new courses as needed and track students through their program.

Any lay or ordained person can take courses through CALL. Participants do NOT need to go through CDSP’s degree program admissions process.

What students are saying about CALL

I found this course intellectually engaging and very helpful to my diaconal formation. I would recommend it to others without hesitation.

Great experience. I felt a kinship with the other students which is amazing to me, since chances are that we will never meet one another in person.

I appreciate the possibility of taking high quality classes online. I have learned that in many ways, this approach is better than sitting in a large lecture hall, taking notes, and never interacting with either the instructor or other students.

Thank you for a wonderful experience! I will continue with CALL for the rest of my education for the Diaconate.

Outside of EfM in the 1990s I have not had the opportunity to seriously study this faith to which I have given so much of my time and energy. At this stage in my life I am doing it purely for my own edification, though hopefully it might make me a stronger and wiser believer and parishioner.