Students sitting around a conference table


Please note: Our formation program is currently under revision in response to our shift to a fully hybrid educational model. It will be overseen by a director of formation and recruitment, who will begin work this spring. More information about the revised formation program will be available soon.

At CDSP, we understand lifelong spiritual formation to be the cultivation of communal and individual habits, affects, practices and beliefs that help us know and love God, whom we see in Jesus Christ and whom we encounter in the Holy Spirit.

Through formation, we more clearly see, know, and love ourselves, our neighbors, and the cosmos.

We assume that every part of a student’s program of study is formation. Specific engagement in the formation program encompasses:

  1. Spiritual Direction – Every student is strongly encouraged to be in spiritual direction. Financial assistance is available to all students for the cost of up to eight sessions per year of spiritual direction.
  2. Peer Formation Groups – Each student will be assigned to a group, and regular participation is expected.
  3. Chapel Attendance – Chapel attendance at both Eucharists and Offices is expected during onsite sessions; regular rota assignments are made for all students.