Contemporary Anglican Theologians

This course will examine the work of several Anglican-identified theologians treating a variety of themes and topics. This will allow us to encounter and learn from the many ways in which Anglican theologies are engaged theologies, theologies that challenge us to rethink how we imagine and interact with both church and world, and that provoke deep transformations in the lived life of faith. This is a seminar course focused on close reading and discussion of texts by Sarah Coakley, Kelly Brown Douglas, Jay Emerson Johnson, William Stringfellow, Kathryn Tanner, Keith Ward, and Rowan Williams, along with a few stand-alone articles. The requirements are active classroom participation and a research paper of 18–20 pages on the work of an Anglican theologian not encountered directly in the course readings, selected in consultation with the instructor. The course is appropriate for students in all degree programs and there are no prerequisites.