Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

The purpose of this course is provide the student with a working knowledge of Biblical (Classical) Hebrew; by the end of the course, the student will be able to read any passage of narrative in the Hebrew Bible with the aid of a lexicon (dictionary).

The ability to reach this goal is dependent upon three primary areas of comprehension:

  1. Knowledge of the Hebrew writing system (consonants and vowel points),
  2. Knowledge of Hebrew grammar and basic syntax, and
  3. Knowledge of Hebrew vocabulary

Classroom time will be primarily devoted to introducing and reviewing these various facets. The primary place where the student will learn the language is in his or her own private, independent study. The learning of a new language is extremely time-intensive. The student should be prepared to spend 6 to 7 (or more) hours every week in preparation. Success in this program is almost solely dependent upon the dedication of the time and energy of the student to this class. This requirement of the class cannot be emphasized enough.