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Spring 2022

Summer 2022

Fall 2022

  • Christian Ethics: Radical Love (CE-1125/8125)
  • Adapting Christian Formation (ED-1111)
  • Adapting Christian Formation (ED-8111)
  • Introduction to Theological Field Education I (FE-2180)
  • Theological Field Placement I (FE-8291)
  • Foundations for Ministry (FT-1063)
  • Leadership for Ministry I (FTRS-2281)
  • Leadership for Ministry I (FTRS-8288)
  • History of Christianity I (HSST-1114)
  • English Reformations (HSST-4802)
  • History of Christianity (HSST-8114)
  • Liturgics (LSST-2106)
  • Liturgics (LSST-8206)
  • Introduction to the Old Testament (OT-1076)
  • Introduction to the Old Testament (OT-8175)
  • Introduction to Pastoral Care (PS-1009)
  • Theology I: Introducing Practice (ST-2188)
  • Theology I: Introducing Practice (ST-8218)

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