Students with Disabilities

Accommodations For Students With Documented Disabilities

Ramps and elevators provide handicapped access to most CDSP facilities, including the chapel, classrooms, faculty and administrative offices. An access key for the elevator in Parsons Residence Hall may be obtained from the Director of Housing & Reception (Front Office, ground floor, Parsons Hall). The key deposit is refundable when the keys are returned.

Church Divinity School of the Pacific participates in a consortium-wide “Students with Disabilities” policy which benefits from a collaborative arrangement with the University of California at Berkeley. The policy strives for consistent and equitable student access to educational opportunities throughout the consortium. In particular, it addresses a differently abled student’s ability to fulfill degree and certificate course and program requirements. The policy covers GTU library use, student advising, GTU classroom activities and requirements, program exams, and capstone experiences such as theses and dissertations. It does not address extracurricular events sponsored by GTU member institutions, student housing, and administrative activities (e.g. registration, access to facilities, etc.).

In cooperation with the GTU schools, CDSP is committed to providing support for students who need special arrangements for meeting course requirements for reasons of documented disability. Students wishing to request accommodations for their academic work should consult the GTU website which includes directions for how to make that request.

Questions about these procedures may be directed to the Dean of Academic Affairs or Dean of Students.