Epidemiological data indicate the HIV/AIDS virus is not spread by casual person-to-person contact nor do persons with HIV/AIDS, AIDS Related Complex (ARC), or a positive HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) antibody test pose a health risk to other community members.

There is no justification for restricting access of persons with HIV/AIDS, ARC, or a positive HIV antibody test to libraries, social and cultural events, dining areas, recreation facilities, working environments, or any common areas.

CDSP does not discriminate against faculty, students, or staff with AIDS, ARC, or a positive HIV antibody test. There will be no screening of faculty, students, or staff for AIDS, ARC, or a positive antibody test and no consideration of the existence of AIDS, ARC, or a positive antibody test shall be made in decisions for admissions to, or employment with, the GTU.

The Institution reserves the right, in consultation with the person and his/her physician, to determine his/her ability to complete the requirements of the academic program or to discharge assigned duties as members of faculty or staff.