School Property and Pets

In addition to use by seminary groups and individuals, it is the policy of CDSP to extend the use of its facilities to those groups and organizations whose purposes are generally compatible with those of CDSP.

Because we extend the hospitality of our campus to other individuals, groups, and organizations, CDSP community members are encouraged to reserve space needed for in-house events and activities. To reserve rooms and/or meeting space in Easton Hall, as well as guest rooms in Gibbs Hall, contact

To reserve all other spaces*, please send an email to

*Tucson Room, classrooms in Parsons, Shires and Gibbs; Denniston Commons, Gibbs Parlor and Upper Room, Chapel, St. Margaret’s Courtyard, and all campus gardens and grounds.

Any member wishing to invite a group or organization of which he/she is a member to meet at CDSP in Shires Hall or other lower campus space shall apply in writing to the Vice President for Administration. At his/her discretion, as appropriate, the matter may be referred to the Community Council, the Dean of Students, the Parsons RA team, or to the President and Dean for advice or decision. Please note that a certificate of insurance must be provided for organizations other than CDSP and other GTU schools and related controlled organizations, and for any event not sponsored by the school. If needed, a referral can be obtained from the Vice President for Administration.

Pets On Campus

No pet of any kind may be kept in Parsons Residence Hall, nor may pets be brought to class. Working Service Assistance Animals are the exception to this.