Resource: Poverty, God, Politics Webcast

The Rev. David Beckmann, this spring’s visiting fellow at CDSP, has finished his course, Poverty and Communities of Faith in the Politics of 2021, which was jointly offered with UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy. However, the impact of the course will continue through the Poverty, God, Politics Webcast, available now through University of California Television’s Public Policy Channel. Each episode will feature a short presentation by one of the guest speakers Beckmann gathered for the course.

You can also view the episodes, released weekly, on this index page—or read along with Beckmann’s continuing commentary at

Episode 1
David Beckmann, President Emeritus, Bread for the World and Alliance to End Hunger
Series introduction

Episode 2
Josh Dickson, Former National Faith Engagement Director, Biden For President
How effective outreach to faith communities helped win the White House and what this has already achieved for people in and near poverty.

Episode 3
Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, CEO of Skinner Leadership Institute
& Congresswoman Barbara Lee, United States Representative
How the Black church has helped the African American community build electoral power.

Episode 4
Gabriel Salguero, Founder & President, National Latino Evangelical Coalition
Examining the extent of support among Latinos for policies to reduce poverty and church efforts to encourage more support.

Episode 5
Henry Brady, Dean, Goldman School of Public Policy
How churches foster democratic participation, but often shy away from needed conflict.

Episode 6
Eric Sapp, Founder, Public Democracy
How tech and artificial intelligence can be used to strengthen support for progressive causes among faith-based voters and strengthen the voice of low-income voters.

Episode 7
Galen Carey, Vice President, National Association of Evangelicals
The strengths of the Evangelical movement and the NAE’s poverty-related advocacy.

Episode 8
Anna Eng, Senior Organizer, Industrial Areas Foundation
How faith-based community organizations build the capacity of low-income Americans to speak for themselves.

Episode 9
Amy Reumann, Director of Witness and Society, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Why and how her church influences Congress and how they work with other faith partners.

Episode 10
Tom Hart, North America Director, ONE Campaign
How faith-based and other advocacy groups have helped to increase international aid and support progress against global poverty.

Episode 11
John Carr, Founder and Director, Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life, Georgetown University
The resources and liabilities of the Catholic community for this work. Catholic social teaching and Pope Francis.

Episode 12
Eugene Cho, President, Bread for the World
How people and congregations across the country repeatedly convince Congress to do the right thing on issues of importance to hungry people.

Episode 13
David Beckmann