(E)pistle: Back to School Bravery

Do you remember who brought you to school that very first day of Kindergarten or First Grade? 

For most of us, it was probably our parents who walked us into that big, scary classroom on a fall day, or stood tearfully at the corner while we climbed the stairs into the school bus. 

In my case, it was my next door neighbor who walked me to school. His son, Jerry, was my best friend. Since Walter Stillman School in Tenafly, NJ was just across the street from our house, I guess my parents figured they were not needed.

Today is the first day of school for our seminary. Although not as scary as that first day of primary school, some of the emotions will be the same for new and ongoing students who will face new expectations, friends, and (for the residential students) living quarters. 

But just like long ago, we will all have a host of people who are “bringing us to school”:  spouses and family who have sacrificed for us; mentors who inspired us, friends who might still be puzzled at our decision to serve the church, rectors and bishops who pray for us. All of these people, and many more, stand behind us as we begin this new academic year. As the school year starts, we will all be a little anxious, but those who bring us to school in spirit will also make us a little more brave.