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Scholarships & Grants

Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, CDSP began awarding the Trinity-CDSP Scholarship for Ordained Leadership, a full-tuition scholarship for all qualifying new and returning MDiv students preparing for ordination with the support of a bishop.

This full-tuition scholarship will also apply for new and returning students preparing for ordination in the seminary’s low-residence program.

Other CDSP Scholarships and Grants

After admission, the Financial Aid Committee reviews eligibility for all available scholarships, including:

Diversity Scholarships: Each year, several scholarships are available for racial and ethnic minority students.

International Students: International student applicants meeting requirements for admission are eligible for partial tuition grants. International student scholarships are renewable with full time status and satisfactory academic progress.

Special interest scholarships:  Small, supplementary scholarships may be available for federal chaplaincy, music, Women in Ministry, and leadership.

External Scholarship Resources

Students are highly encouraged to apply for scholarships provided by external resources and organizations. The CDSP Financial Aid Office has compiled a list of scholarship opportunities to get you started and can also help you navigate applications.

The Forum for Theological Exploration

The Society for the Increase of Ministry

The Episcopal Church.