The Diaconate

September 14 – November 2, 2020

The Diaconate is an online course for deacons, deacons in formation, and those wishing to be better grounded in a sound understanding of The Sacred Order of Deacons including especially, members of local discernment committees and members of Commissions on Ministry.
The course will consider the history of the Order of Deacons—what is helpful and what is not; the ecclesiology of orders, the distinctive experience of the diaconate in The Episcopal Church, how and why deacons engage in ministry and leadership, and finally, a brief look at the diaconate seen ecumenically.
Among other things, the course is specfically designed to meet the formation goals implicit in the Title III formation area, “Diakonia and the diaconate.”

Instructor: Dr. Rod Dugliss

Rod is Dean of the School for Deacons in the Diocese of California.  He has served as a missionary in Japan and for many years had a career in the business world.  Rod holds a PhD in political science from Duke University.