Professor Singer’s Summer Reading Picks

Susanna Singer

Students enrolling at CDSP in 2016 will receive a hefty new summer reading list designed by faculty to prepare them for their studies. Each month between now and the official start of the summer reading season, we’ll highlight some titles chosen by our faculty members.   

Professor Susanna Singer chose three books to provide new students “a model right up front of how you integrate theology and practice:”  

Stephanie Spellers, “Radical Welcome” “This book is ten years old, but I haven’t found anything that is as good,” says Singer. “Stephanie really does a good job laying out a theology of welcome in a diverse culture, and also covering the practical stuff so that congregations can actually think through what making solid theology real in practices looks like.”  

Dorothy Bass: “Practicing Our Faith” “When this book was first published in 1997, it was an amazing and groundbreaking book in the thinking on forming Christian leaders and communities. It was updated in 2010 and includes a diversity of voices and practices that will help students get exposed to a variety of theological voices, not all of whom are Episcopalians.”  

Dwight Zscheile: “People of the Way” “This is a good bridge read for someone who has been an intelligent lay person and is now entering into deeper study. It’s a solid introduction to the baptismal covenant for relatively new Episcopalians, and he does quite a good job of articulating Anglican identity–our particular history, ethos, theology and relationship with the surrounding culture–without being rigid. It’s a good model of theological writing.”  

Download the reading list.