Dan Joslyn-Siemiatkoski to Join Seminary of the Southwest

February 6, 2014

Dear Friends:

In seminary life, we are called to gather communities of the finest minds and hearts in the church, study and pray together for a time, and then send those we have come to love back out into the world to continue their service to God. Usually, those we send out are our students, but not always.

Today it is my job to tell you that our own Dan Joslyn-Siemiatkoski will leave us at the end of this academic year to become associate professor of church history at the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas. All of you who know Dan can understand that I make this announcement with sadness, but also with hope for the opportunity that Dan, Jennifer and their family have been given.

During his time at CDSP, Dan has taught hundreds of students to regard church history not only as the shared story of our faith and its traditions, but also as a way to understand the rich diversity of Christian experience in our world today. Both Academic Dean Ruth Meyers and I have been particularly blessed by his openness to new pedagogies and technologies and his willingness to take on new responsibilities, most recently as interim academic dean, for the good of the entire CDSP community. We will miss him.

Between now and May, we will have opportunities to celebrate Dan’s nine years at CDSP and find fitting ways to say goodbye. For now, Dan will continue to teach his spring courses and Dean Meyers and I will work together, in consultation with other faculty members, to consider how to make this new vacancy in our church history position an opportunity for increased collaboration with our GTU colleagues and our partners at other Episcopal seminaries. If you have questions about Dan’s transition and how it will affect your academic work, please talk with Dean Meyers. We are committed to ensuring that your studies continue uninterrupted.

When you see Dan, please congratulate him on his new position, assure him that he goes with our love and support, and remind him that although he might be moving east, it’s still 1960 miles from Austin to Fenway Park.


The Very Rev. W. Mark Richardson
President and Dean