Master of Arts (MA)

The Graduate Theological Union (GTU) Common Master of Arts degree program provides a basic understanding of theological or religious studies as preparation for doctoral study or as an academic foundation for secondary school teaching, education or social justice ministries, or religious leadership in the non-profit sector.

Students who complete the M.A. program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate focused knowledge in the field of study represented by a chosen concentration,
  • Demonstrate general knowledge of several different approaches to theological and religious studies,
  • Engage in respectful dialogue with practitioners of another religious tradition,
  • Produce research projects, each with a clearly formulated thesis statement that is supported by appropriate evidence from primary and secondary sources communicated in an effective scholarly presentation.

The M.A. program is offered by the GTU in cooperation with member schools including CDSP. Students may choose their fields of study from among more than thirty concentrations. Each MA student affiliates with a GTU member school or academic center during their program. Students may affiliate with CDSP in the following areas of concentration: Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament, Comparative Religion, History of Christianity, New Religious Movements, Sociology of Religion, Christian Theology, Comparative Theology, Ethics, Liturgical Studies, Missiology, Practical Theology, Religious Education, or Biblical Languages.

The B.A. or its equivalent is a prerequisite for this degree and two years of residence are required. Admission applications for the M.A. program are submitted to the GTU Admissions Office, and applications are considered by the Admissions Committees of both the GTU and the school of affiliation.

Complete information about the M.A. Program is available on the GTU website.

CDSP also offers the Master of Theological Studies, with a curriculum that centers on mission, discipleship and evangelism and includes spiritual formation and worship as an integral part of the program.

Concurrent M.Div./M.A. Program

Students also may enroll in the M.Div. and M.A. programs concurrently. A separate admission process for each program is necessary, as is the completion of all requirements for each degree. Concurrent M.Div./M.A. programs can be completed in no less than four years.

For more information on requirements of the M.A. program and to receive an application, please contact the GTU admissions office.