Annual Fund

December 2, 2019

The pace of life at CDSP has quickened since March when we announced our new relationship with Trinity Church Wall Street, but one thing remains: we count on our alumnae, alumni and friends to help us prepare students for ministry in God’s church.

And so, I come to you this Advent as I have come to you in previous Advents to ask you to give generously to CDSP’s annual appeal so that we may reduce the burden of debt our students will face when they graduate and continue their ministries.

You are no doubt aware that the religious landscape our students will navigate after they complete their degrees has changed radically in recent years. The number of full-time clergy positions has dwindled, while the need for ministers who are willing to take economic risks for the sake of the gospel has increased. We owe it to our students to do everything we can to reduce that risk by offering them the most generous financial aid packages that we can.

In this season of preparation and expectation, please help us to help those who are preparing to lead our church into its future by making a generous contribution to CDSP today. And may God bless you this Advent and in the sacred season ahead.


The Very Rev. W. Mark Richardson
President and Dean