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Here are the resolutions adopted by the CDSP Board of Trustees on Oct.14.
Visitors have been finding hospitality on Berkeley’s “Holy Hill” just north of the UC Berkeley campus for decades. In 1924, the building that is now Easton Hall was the chapter house of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity at the University of California, Berkeley. In the 1960’s the fraternity’s next-door neighbor, Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP), purchased the building.
Epidemiological data indicate the HIV/AIDS virus is not spread by casual person-to-person contact nor do persons with HIV/AIDS, AIDS Related Complex (ARC), or a positive HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) antibody test pose a health risk to other community members. There is no justification for restricting access of persons with HIV/AIDS, ARC, or a positive HIV antibody test to libraries, social and cultural events, dining areas, recreation facilities, working environments, or any common areas.
CDSP is committed to an atmosphere of welcoming and being welcomed by all people at CDSP, through the seminary’s educational, administrative and community endeavors. Fundamental to any community are standards of behavior which guide the community’s response to routine, as well as to unforeseen, circumstances. The guidelines below are an attempt at agreement on such norms, to express the mind of the CDSP community with regard to offering hospitality to those who seek refuge on or near our campus.
DD = Doctor of Divinity (B) = Bishop DHL = Doctor of Humane Letters (A) = Alumnus/ae STD = Doctor of Sacred Theology (F) = Previous Faculty DCnL = Doctor of Canon Law (JSD) (T) = Trustee DSM = Doctor of Sacred Music   DS = Doctor of Science   2013 (October)The Rev. Robert W. Rhodes, DD (A)
Two types of housing are offered to students at CDSP: Single dormitory-style rooms and one- to four-bedroom apartments. Parsons Hall on the CDSP campus offers single rooms with basic furniture in a dormitory-style building, with shared bathrooms, coin laundry and kitchenette facilities. Rooms at Parsons for the academic year are available at $2,280 per semester for CDSP students.
To apply for admission to any program of CDSP – M.Div., M.T.S, or Certificates -- you can Apply Online To apply for admission to a shared program – M.A., Ph.D. or Th.D. -- Apply Online Admissions to the D.Min program are currently on hiatus.

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