[Previously listed with the title "Global Anglicanism"]

This course will examine the Anglican Communion in terms of postcoloniality and power, focused on the establishment of "national churches" as a colonial exercise, the tensions and contradictions of missionary establishments in different contexts, the effect of decolonization struggles on individual national churches, developing an international polity, efforts towards contextualization in liturgy and theology, postdenominational Christianity in global context, and the tensions and relationships between "global south" and "global north" Anglicanism around issues of cultural integrity and imperialism, sexuality, gender roles, and Biblical hermeneutics.

Dates: Mondays, 12:40-3:30pm
Location: CDSP
Room: Gibbs
Instructor: Snow
Credits: 3
Course ID: HSRS-2264
CRN: SP/18-HSRS-2264-1

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