Note: Applications are submitted on the GTU website. The GTU Admissions office will notify us when an applicant indicates CDSP as their school of choice. Once their application is complete they will forward it to us for an admission recommendation. Their faculty advisor has to be a CDSP professor in order to affiliate with CDSP.

  1. Online application indicating CDSP as school of affiliation
  2. Official scores from the Graduate Record Exam sent to the GTU
  3. Three academic reference letters
  4. Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended (two copies)
  5. On-campus interview with a faculty member & Dean of Students
  6. Submit a FAFSA indicating CDSP as their school of choice (optional). Find out more about applying for financial aid.
  7. Submit a CDSP institutional financial aid application (optional). Find out more about applying for financial aid.
  8. Submit an on-campus housing application (optional)