"When something has to be communicated from the innermost soul as happens particularly in relationship between men and women, then it is done by gestures, touch, by the light of the eyes, perhaps by a louder sound, perhaps even by music, but never by language. The barrier is insurmountable." George Groddeck

We all know about body language, that we speak in gestures as well as words. We want to be grounded in our beliefs, but we may not be grounded in our bodies. This class teaches students how to be fully grounded and present here and now with congregants, both when preaching and when meeting them at the door or in the hospital. This class will teach you how to ground a secure sense of yourself in such a way that your preaching and pastoral skills will be more satisfying and secure. Dr. Conger has taught this method for many years in graduate schools of psychology, has written several books about it, and as an Episcopal priest wants to share the freedom and security of this learning with others preparing for ministry. Intended audience: M.Div. students. Class includes lecture, discussion, exercises, and working in dyads. A brief reflection paper completed after the course is required.