Old Testament: Preaching the Prophets

March 23 – May 18, 2020

This course is intended to help students act as responsible biblical interpreters critically informed by broad historical, literary and theological scholarship around prophetic literature. As an exegetical course in the area in biblical studies, the course is designed to help students pay attention to interpretive concerns and use the Bible with an awareness of resources available for thinking about the issues and concerns of everyday life. To this end, the course will include an introduction to exegesis and the variety of methods utilized in interpreting a biblical text (e.g., form criticism, rhetorical criticism, ideological criticism, etc.), along with opportunities to practice these methods on a variety of texts from the Hebrew Bible. Special attention will be given to the role of the prophets in Ancient Israel and the concept of “justice” at work in these biblical voices.

Instructor: The Rev. Yolanda Norton

Rev. Yolanda M. Norton is a Ph.D. candidate in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel and Theology and Practice Fellow at Vanderbilt University. Her current research interests include womanist interpretation, narrative and literary criticism, and the Persian period. In particular, her work focuses on the books of Genesis and Ruth, and how each text treats foreign women, and considers the ways in which insider-outsider paradigms in Scripture influence constructions of identity and facilitate the vilification and/or oppression of women of color who encounter the biblical canon in the modern world.