Mentoring for the Diaconate

September 16 – November 4, 2019

This course is intended to assist archdeacons, deacon directors and deacons interested in learning some basic tools and protocols in mentoring newly ordained deacons or others in their ministry. The course will consist of seven modules that include viewing deacons in their ministry, readings relevant to the diaconate in the Episcopal Church in the twenty first century and responses to writing prompts. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to begin using the tools provided to open up fruitful mentoring conversations between deacon/mentors and newly ordained deacons with a process for recording and memorializing those confidential conversations.

Instructor: The Rev. Dcn. Geraldine Swanson

The Rev. Geraldine Swanson, deacon in the Diocese of New York who assisted in compiling the current AED document “Diaconal Competencies”. She had a twenty-eight-year career as an educator in the Department of Education of New York City and was a trained as a Teacher-Mentor and Mentor-Trainer by the New Teacher Center of the University of California/Santa Cruz. She currently serves as the Deacon-Assigned to the Richmond Episcopal Ministry on Staten Island, New York.