Continuing Education Certificate in Anglican Foundations

To help continuing education and local formation students structure
their programs, we offer a Continuing Education Certificate in Anglican
Foundations.  These courses are offered regularly to enable the student
to complete the program in a timely fashion.  The suggested courses

  • Anglican Bible
  • What We Believe: Introduction to Anglican Theology
  • Introduction to the Old Testament or any elective in the Old Testament
  • Introduction to the New Testament or any elective in the New Testament
  • Introduction to Liturgics or Introduction to the Book of Common Prayer
  • Facing Choices: Ethics in the Anglican Tradition
  • Wisdom for Mission Today: Introduction to Church History or Church History: From Reformation to Episcopal Church
  • Any additional elective

These eight courses are intended to be flexible and provide both a
grounding in Anglican ethos and in Christian thought history.  If
courses needed for your program are not offered in a timely fashion, the
CALL program will work with you to provide a substitute.

What is required of you as a student in this program?

Each course you complete will gain you 2 Continuing Education Units, which many dioceses require. Regardless of whether or not your diocese expects you to earn CEUs, as a student enrolled in one of the Online Continuing Education Certificate Programs, you will be held to the same requirements as students who must earn CEUs. This means you must: a) complete a final integrative assignment and b) participate in the weekly online discussions.

  • Final Integrative Assignment
 The instructor will assign an
    appropriate project or paper that he or she feels will demonstrate your
    ability to integrate the new information, knowledge and experience from
    the class and how it applies to your life of faith. There will be no
    grade given but each instructor will provide feedback on your project
    for your purposes.
  • Participation in Weekly Online Discussions
 Perhaps the most
    challenging aspect of online education is of developing community – a
    group of people who learn with and from one another. CALL’s instructors
    work hard at encouraging and enabling community because they understand
    that people most often learn from how others take in the information.
    Therefore, weekly participation in online discussions is required. The
    instructor will monitor this but each student is responsible for being
    both courageous in offering their own interpretations and responses as
    well as encouraging and supportive of other students in the course.
    Participating in discussion therefore not only means that you post
    something each week, but that you take the time to read what other
    people post and respond thoughtfully and appropriately to what they have
    to say.

Time Commitment

CALL instructors design each course anticipating that you will devote a minimum of 3 hours/week between reading the materials and participating in the discussions. Often, instructors are able to work with you if you have vacation planned so please ask to talk with the instructor before deciding that you cannot participate.

In the event that CALL cannot provide required courses in a timely
manner due to unforeseen course cancelations, CALL will work with the
student to find a suitable substitute for the course.

Enrolling in the Online Continuing Education Certificate Program

If you would like to enroll in the Online Continuing Education Certificate Program, please email CALL and we will begin tracking the courses you have completed.