Borgeson 2013

How do we give an account of why we are engaged in mission and what we are learning from community ministry? This course explores disciplined reflection as a way of making connections between current ministry beyond the gathered church and the church’s traditions, and emphasizes the importance of communicating our insights to our congregations.

Participants will practice a variety of methods, discovering as they go which work best for their learning and thinking styles. We will explore three main types of reflections as well as strategies for sparking them and habits for sustaining reflective practice. Assignments will stress thinking, writing, and conversation on the course boards, not heavy reading. While particularly valuable to deacons in their role as interpreters, the course is open to all members of the baptized engaged in leading missional activity and community ministry.

April 9 - May 28, 2018

Instructor: Rev. Josephine (Phina) Borgeson

Josephine Borgeson serves in the Russian River Deanery of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California. Her community work centers on food system ministries and related environmental concerns, including interfaith networking and consulting. Within the church she continues her pre-retirement involvement in ministry development and education, mentoring new deacons and teaching those preparing to be deacons.  Phina was ordained in 1974, and worked in the dioceses of Nevada and Los Angeles before moving to Sonoma County and working with the Redwood Cluster. She was president of the North American Association for the Diaconate from 1987-1991, and is a member of the Association of Episcopal Deacons task force on Vocational Development and Lifelong Learning. She holds an A.B. in biology and an M.Div. from CDSP.