Church Divinity School of the Pacific
Tuition and Fees
2018-2019 Academic Year


Tuition and Fees


MDiv, MTS, CTS, CAS, Unclassified Tuition $700 per unit
Common MA tuition $711  per unit 
MA continuing registration fee $4140  per semester 
MTS continuation fee $350 per semester
CALL Fees    
Standard Online Course Fee $220 per course
Standard Online Course Fee, Partner Rate $195 per course
CEU Organizing for Public Ministry $500 per course


Other Fees    
Application Fee $60  
Late Registration $120  
Leave of Absence Fee $120  
Change in Enrollment $60 per change
Late or missed payment $110  
Tuition Installment Payment Plan Fee $60  
Health Insurance *  *view rates
Records Maintenance Fee/Leave of Absence: $120  
Celtic Cross student fee $30 per semester
Student activities fee $50 per semester
Summer Intensive program fee $225 per summer
Winter Intersession program fee $100 per week
Community Audit Fee Spring/Fall $450  per course
Community Audit Fee Winter Intersession $310  
Graduation fee $60  


Parking Fee $320 per semester (fall, spring)
  $210 for summer


Refectory (residential students enrolled in six or more units only)

Community Meals Fee $350 per semester
(covers Tuesday coffee hour & lunches, Thursday dinners, plus special events)     


Housing Fees    
Nichols Apartments    
Studio $1250 per month
1 Bedroom $1375 per month
2 Bedroom $1665 per month
4 Bedroom $2160 per month
Basement apartment $1070 per month
Parsons Hall    
Room (academic year) $2420 per semester