January Intersession to Proceed in Online-Only Format

Exterior of Church Divinity School of the Pacific
Mark Richardson
The Very Rev. W. Mark Richardson, PhD

The Very Rev. W. Mark Richardson, PhD, dean and president of Church Divinity School of the Pacific, announced on January 3 CDSP is moving January intersession classes and worship online due to health and safety concerns. The previously published schedule remains the same except for being in a synchronous online format.

“The safety of our entire community (students, instructors, staff, family members) is our highest priority in making the regrettable decision that all of January’s Intersession classes and worship will be online again this year.”

He continued,

We do this knowing many will be disappointed, but we believe this to be the wisest course of action given: the contagious nature of this variant, the long-distance roundtrip travel many will have to undertake, and the fact that eight hours in a classroom together, five days in a row, is not a safe environment given present circumstances.

I am sorry to deliver this news. Know that I will miss seeing and interacting with you as I had hoped to be able to do, but I am content in my heart that this is the right decision for this time in our lives.

Faithfully yours,

This decision will cause changes to some elements of community life.

  • There will be no lunch provided during the two weeks of Intersession.
  • For those taking the GOEs during the first week of January, Chef Cynthia will provide bagged, to-go lunches.
  • Staff will be expected to continue to come into the office, following all safety protocols (masks in public spaces, office doors closed without masks, air filtration systems running, if symptoms develop stay away from the office and test/contact a medical professional). Faculty may come into the office or work from home.

Zoom links and other information for each of your courses will be available on the Moodle sites for those courses. Please be in touch with your instructor if you have any questions.

Zoom links and worship bulletins will be posted on the CDSP Community Moodle page.

Cancellation of Organizing for Public Ministry (FT-1239)

Organizing for Public Ministry (FT-1239) has been canceled for the January 2022 intersession.

Though we were able to offer the course last year, the trainers found it very difficult due to the experiential nature of the training, and we have concluded that the best course of action is to cancel the course this year.

Because this course is offered annually, you will be able to take it in a later year. Confer with your advisor to determine when this will best fit in your program.

The registrar will process an administrative withdrawal for students who have registered for the course. Low-residence students, who are required to enroll in courses during the intersession, do not need to request a leave of absence for the intersession.