Staff Transitions Upcoming in Dean of Students Office

Andrew Hybl
The Rev. Andrew Hybl ’12

On April 6, the Very Rev. W. Mark Richardson, PhD, dean and president, announced an upcoming change of staffing configuration in the Office of the Dean of Students and Community Life at Church Divinity School of the Pacific.

“For almost eight years, the Rev. Andrew Hybl ’12 has been an integral part of CDSP,” Richardson wrote in an email to the community. “Serving first as director of recruitment and admissions, and since May 2017 as dean of students, he has been a tireless advocate for our student body. He has brought pastoral skill, keen organizational insight, and a rare and refreshing candor to his ministry here.

“When he accepted the call to CDSP years ago, I thought the alignment of the school’s need and Andrew’s personal gifts was as close to the work of the Spirit as any I had encountered. I still feel that way today.”

Hybl will soon begin a graduate program in counseling psychology at the University of San Francisco. To facilitate his studies, he requested a transition from his full-time role. He will remain on staff in a half-time capacity, contributing to student recruiting and admissions work and bringing his experience and relationships to bear as he advises the seminary on new initiatives.

Spencer Hatcher headshot
The Rev. Spencer Hatcher ’16

The Rev. Spencer Hatcher ’16, currently director of recruitment and assistant dean of students, will serve as dean of students and director of student services. She will begin in this new role July 1.

“Spencer brings to this position the experience and talent she has already shown in her official duties, her priestly vocation, and her support of so many in the CDSP community,” Richardson continued. “I look forward to her leadership of the newly reconfigured office.”

The school will use the transition to redesign its pastoral support for students.

“As part of the reconfiguration, the seminary will add in the 2021-2022 school year chaplaincy support for the community,” Richardson wrote. “New part-time colleagues in pastoral care and spiritual companionship will provide greater capacity for this important ministry, well beyond what is possible in our present staffing model.”

CDSP will announce details of the new chaplain arrangements in the coming months.