Principles of Positive Aging with Dr. Bill Sadler

Forum explores 21st century opportunities in second half of life

Active seniors offer much to our congregations. How can our ministries best foster their gifts and skills? On December 5 at 7:30 pm, join Professor Bill Sadler at CDSP to discuss ministry with people in the “third age.” Sadler is professor of sociology and business at Holy Names University in Oakland. The evening will include a panel with Sadler, CDSP Professor Emeritus John Kater, and faculty from the Pacific School of Religion including Dr. Horace Griffin, Dr. Boyung Lee and acting PSR President, the Rev. Dr. Stephen L. Sterner.

“A new life stage (third age) emerged in the 20th century as life expectancy increased with a 30-year life bonus,” says Sadler. “We are challenged to tap our creative potential and redesign our lives to sustain second growth–to experience personal fulfillment and to make a difference in our world.”

Sadler holds a Ph.D from Harvard University and during his career has been a professor, senior administrator, author, consultant, and community leader.

The forum will be livestreaming at

Attendees may also join the CDSP community for Eucharist at 5:45pm and dinner after the Eucharist ($12 per person, please RSVP to CDSP Reception at 510-204-0702.)

To learn more, talk with Alissa Fencsik at 510-204-0727 or at