CDSP Students Shine on 2012 GOE Exam


BERKELEY, Calif., March 26, 2012 – The scores achieved by Church Divinity School of the Pacific’s graduating class on this year’s General Ordination Exam (GOE), the standardized exam administered by the General Board of Examining Chaplains (GBEC) of The Episcopal Church, surpassed the national average.

According to statistics released by the GBEC, in every canonical area the percentage of CDSP students achieving “passing” scores of 3 or 4 surpassed the percentage of all candidates (M.Div. students as well as others) nationally.

“This is but one indication of the high quality of both our students and our instruction,” said The Rev. Dr. Linda Clader, Dean of Academic Affairs at CDSP. “We knew the students were this talented, and now we have some hard data to support what we already knew.”

CDSP students have consistently done well on the GOEs, Dean Clader said, with overall scores averaging above the national average for the past 5 years.

About the General Ordination Exam

The canons of The Episcopal Church (III. 8) require that before ordination a Candidate must be examined and show proficiency in (1) The Holy Scriptures; (2) Church History, including the Ecumenical Movement; (3) Christian Theology; (4) Christian Ethics and Moral Theology; (5) Studies in Contemporary Society, including Racial and Minority Groups; (6) Liturgics and Church Music; and (7) Theory and Practice of Ministry. These are known as the seven canonical areas. More information about these exams and the General Board of Examining Chaplains may be found at

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