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Nine CDSP students awarded SIM scholarships

BERKELEY, CALIF. Aug. 2, 2012 – Nine students at CDSP have been awarded scholarships by the Society for the Increase of Ministry for the 2012-13 academic year, which begins next month.

In announcing the grants, the society, which has been supporting Episcopal seminarians for over 150 years, said the scholarships “represent investments in future ordained leaders to serve The Episcopal Church.” The CDSP scholarship recipients are among 100 seminarians from 54 dioceses nationally receiving SIM grants this year.

The CDSP scholarship recipients are:

  • The Rev. Elizabeth Ashman, 2013 M.Div., of Anchorage, Alaska, Diocese of Alaska
  • Steven DeMuth, 2013 M.Div., of Glendale, Calif., Diocese of Los Angeles
  • Abigail Eibin, 2013 M.Div., of Sparks, Nev., Diocese of Nevada
  • Terri Hobart, 2014 M.Div., of Sebastopol, Calif., Diocese of Northern California
  • The Rev. Jason Lucas, 2013 M.Div., of St. Paul, Minn., Diocese of Minnesota
  • Lauren Lukason, 2014 M.Div., of Jamaica Plains, Mass., Diocese of Connecticut
  • Barbara Miller, 2014 M.Div., of Atascadero, Calif., Diocese of El Camino Real
  • Rhian Roberts, 2014 M.Div./M.A., of Philadelphia, Pa., Diocese of Pennsylvania
  • Robert Schoeck, 2014 M.Div., Waltham, Mass., Diocese of Massachusetts

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About SIM

SIM (Society for the Increase of Ministry) carries out its mission of support of the theological education and training of the future ordained leaders of The Episcopal Church in three distinct ways: financial (scholarships); pastoral (semi-annual visits and daily prayers); advocacy (supporting seminarians in the councils of the Church). For more information, visit

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