Bishop Pierre Whalon, left, with Dr. Dan Joslyn-Siemiatkoski, in Krakow, Poland, March 31, 2012

First Steps Taken Toward an Episcopal Church Congregation in Poland

Workshop designed by Dr. Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski of CDSP

BERKELEY, Calif., April 5, 2012 – A program designed by Dr. Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski of Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP), working with Polish Christians and the Episcopal Church in Europe, has resulted in the first known Eucharist according to the Anglican rite in Krakow, Poland and the first steps toward the establishment of an Episcopal congregation in Poland.
Joslyn-Siemiatkoski led a day-long workshop in Krakow on March 31, followed by a Eucharist at St. Martin’s Lutheran Church that was celebrated in Polish from the 1979 Book of Common Prayer by the Right Rev. Pierre Whalon, Bishop-in-Charge of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe. Out of this workshop, plans are underway for a retreat on Anglican prayer and spirituality sponsored by the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe to be held in June in Poznan, Poland.
Joslyn-Siemiatkoski, Associate Professor of Church History at CDSP, designed this project with the support of a grant from the Evangelical Education Society of The Episcopal Church. He developed it with two Poles, Jarek Kubacki and Lukasz Liniewicz, who write and edit a bilingual Polish/English blog, “Don’t Shoot the Prophet” that promotes the teachings of the Episcopal Church for a Polish audience.
The CDSP professor said the workshop attendees represented “the current state of religious life in Poland -- from Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Reformed, and Old Catholic backgrounds. Many who attended were unable to fully participate in the current forms of church life and leadership in Poland because of their gender or sexual orientation.”
“I was impressed by the enthusiasm of participation and quality of presentatiions by Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski, Jarek Kubacki, and Lukasz Liniewicz,” Bishop Whalon said. “I was pleased with the ease with which the liturgy fits into Polish. This only confirms what I know: Anglicanism is a way of being Christian that works in every culture and every language.
“What we have in our hands can change us and in changing us can transform the world.”
Attendees at the workshop “keenly felt the need in Poland for an Anglican way of being Christian found in the Episcopal Church,” said Joslyn-Siemiatkoski. “People expressed joy and gratitude that the Episcopal Church provides a way of being faithful to the apostolic traditions of the ancient church while remaining truly open to all people.”
“If God is willing, in a few years, [this Eucharist] might be celebrated weekly and in many places in Poland,” he said. “There are many people thirsting for the teachings of Jesus that we offer.”
Joslyn-Siemiatkoski is currently on sabbatical for the spring semester, as a visiting scholar at Ripon College Cuddeson, Oxford, England.

About Evangelical Education Society
The Evangelical Education Society (EES) of The Episcopal Church, founded in 1862, awards grants to Episcopalians in the eleven Episcopal seminaries and in seminaries accredited by the Association of Theological Schools that take the Gospel to the unchurched, empower lay and ordained ministers to bring new evangelical vigor to parish churches, and help believers to understand and articulate the Christian faith.
EES is committed to conversation, shared experience, and greater mutuality within the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

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Photo by Piotr Kalinowski
From left, Bishop Pierre Whalon, Lukasz Liniewicz, Dr. Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski



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