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Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary/Church Divinity School of the Pacific

This faculty position in the area of social ethics, housed at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and shared by Church Divinity School of the Pacific, will address evolving curricular needs of both schools while having primary administrative and advising responsibilities at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary. The successful candidate will teach foundational and elective courses that include students from both schools, as well from other schools and centers of the ecumenical and interreligious Graduate Theological Union (GTU), and enable students to draw from the wisdom and distinctiveness of their own traditions, with particular attention to Anglican/Episcopal and Lutheran emphases. In addition, there is the possibility of teaching in the PhD program of the Graduate Theological Union, contingent on time restrictions and invitation of the Core Doctoral Faculty.

Dear Friends:

Late last week, Professor Lizette Larson-Miller let me know that she will conclude her time at CDSP in January 2015 after teaching at the intersession. I am grateful to her for her 12 years of service, both in the classroom and as dean of All Saints Chapel, and I am glad that we will have the rest of the semester to appreciate her ministry and say goodbye.

I don't yet know who will assume Professor Larson-Miller's duties as dean of the chapel, but we feel confident that we can use the remainder of the semester to assess how best to continue her good work. I will keep you informed about our plans. As you know, Academic Dean Ruth Meyers and Professor Emeritus Louis Weil are both renowned liturgical scholars, and I have every confidence that CDSP will continue to be known as a center of excellent liturgical teaching and training.

We find ourselves in the midst of several faculty transitions this semester, and although we would not have chosen to bid farewell to anyone who is leaving, we now have several opportunities to invite new faculty to join us and to add expertise that will help us learn more about leading a changing church.

This fall, CDSP debuts a new online bookstore through Amazon. Visit the bookstore online to see books for Fall 2014 CDSP courses.

CDSP has a new Moodle site for students and faculty.

The Rev. Dr. W. Mark Richardson, dean and president of Church Divinity School of the Pacific, announced today that the Rev. Andrew Hybl (CAS '12) will join Church Divinity School of the Pacific on June 23 as director of recruitment and admissions.

"We are delighted to welcome Andrew back to Holy Hill," said Richardson. "As a recent graduate of both CDSP and Pacific School of Religion, he will offer prospective students a fresh and vital perspective on the value of preparing for ministry in the ecumenical and interfaith environment of the Graduate Theological Union."

"I am honored to serve at CDSP as director of recruitment and admissions. As a former student, I have a deep appreciation for the many ways in which faculty and staff played a vital role in my formation as priest. From experience, I know that CDSP and the Graduate Theological Union are on the cutting edge of theological education. I look forward to helping prospective students discover what a transformative experience CDSP provides."

After a distinguished career in industry, education and the Episcopal Church, Dianne Audrick Smith, Church Divinity School of the Pacific's director of enrollment services, has announced that she will retire effective July 3.

"Dianne's professionalism, commitment to diversity and extensive network in the church have been a great benefit to CDSP," said the Very Rev. W. Mark Richardson, dean and president of CDSP. "We are grateful to her for her loyal service and for the bright, committed students she has helped bring to CDSP."

Smith, who has worked at CDSP since January 2011, also has extensive experience in corporate sales and marketing, fund and business development, and education. She is secretary of the Union of Black Episcopalians and has held many leadership roles in the Diocese of California and St. Augustine's Episcopal Church in Oakland, California.

May 23, 2014

E toku whanau I roto I te ingoa o te Karaiti. Greetings to us all as we gather in the name of our Creator God.

Let me first acknowledge with deep respect the land upon which this sacred institution stands and the ancestors who originally kept dutiful watch. Let me also acknowledge with equally deep respect and gratitude those currently entrusted the stewardship of our beloved CDSP, the Bishops, the Trustees and the Dean and President. I have more to say to some of you in just a little while!

I bring warm greetings from so many of your sisters and brothers from the Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia, particularly those who have enjoyed association with CDSP in past years. All have asked that I convey their very fondest love and best wishes especially to the graduating class!