Joanne's Story: "Priest, Pastor and Prophet"

I’m one of the Stanford University chaplains, so I’m basically responsible for the religious and spiritual life on campus, which includes the community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  I think that distinctively for me the time at CDSP served to prepare me for three distinct roles that I see myself living out in my work at Stanford.  They are priest, pastor and prophet.

 After eleven years of working at Stanford, I still come out onto campus and the prayer in my heart is how to be a priest in this place.  It is the intersection of the secular and religious which is where I am, yet I do priestly work in liturgical life in Memorial Church on campus. 

 The pastoral role deals with the students, faculty and staff that may come to me and need some sort of pastoral counseling in times of crisis or just have a vocational question.

 The prophetic role gets lived out in both teaching and preaching, which I believe are two areas for which CDSP prepared me really well.  Whether it is preaching in a pulpit or teaching in a classroom, those roles really are lived out in my daily work every day, which is very fulfilling and nourishing to me.

 The Rev. Joanne Sanders (M.Div. ’10) serves as Associate Dean of Religious Life at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif.

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