Community Council

The Community Council provides a structure for the CDSP community to voice and share the issues and concerns of others. All members of the CDSP community are members of the Council, including students, spouses/partners, faculty, staff, and the President and Dean.

The CDSP community ratified the Constitution and By-Laws of the Community Council in 1984. They were amended in 1998 and revised in 2005.

Preamble: The following Constitution and By-Laws establish a Council for the seminary, which reflects a belief that the community life possible for the CDSP community depends on trust, conversation, mutual care and concern. While this Constitution and By-Laws provide guidelines for certain legislative and governmental functions, the design of the structure focuses more on encouraging community interaction, communication, and exploration of the possibilities of faith.

The primary purpose of the Community Council is to provide a forum for all members of the CDSP community to express their concerns about the life of the community, to share in the common responsibility for the School's mission, and to explore the community's connection with the larger mission of the Church. The organization of this Council provides the opportunity for every member of the community to share an equal voice in the consideration of concerns and issues, and the Council's effectiveness depends on the participation of its members.

  • Ombudsperson: The Ombudsperson must be a graduating-year student carrying at least nine semester hours. He or she bears particular responsibility to serve as a liaison between the Student Body and the school's Faculty, Administration, and Board of Trustees. The Ombudsperson shall be the student member of the Board of Trustees with seat, voice, and vote.

The Council’s complete by-laws and constitution are in the Community Handbook.

The 2012-13 CDSP Community Council Executive Committee:

Jay Walton (President)

Anne Clarke (VP)

To Be Determined (Community Council Secretary)

Steve DeMuth(Ombudsperson)

Terri Hobart (Commuter Rep)

Rhian Roberts (Graduating Class Rep)

Rob Schoeck (Continuing Class Rep)

Sarah Quinney(Entering Class Rep)

Hannah Cornthwaite (Social Coordinator)

Rhian Roberts (Commencement Rep)

Jason Lucas (Celtic Cross Missioner)

The Rev. Ann Hallisey (Dean of Students)

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