This is a basic (introductory) course in the theory and practice of liturgical preaching. The class will be centered on the practice of preaching by students, as well as the skills of careful listening and the offering of constructive criticism for the benefit of all participants. The particular emphasis of this homiletics course will be on lectionary-based preaching in a eucharistic context. In addition, there will be reading and discussion on various models of homily preparation valuing ecumenical resources, the various texts in any community which contribute to contextualized preaching, as well as some of the important and emerging contemporary issues in preaching.

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Dates: Thursdays, 2:10-5:00pm
Location: CDSP
Room: Chapel
Instructor: Hudgins
Credits: 3
Course ID: HM-2100
CRN: FA/17-HM-2100-1
Max enrollment: 12

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