This is a basic course with focus on practical application in pastoral ministry based on sound pastoral theological understanding. It will explore all the areas in congregational life in which pastoral ministry might be needed. Based on lectures, readings and conversations, students will be required to develop the appropriate response in certain situations using preaching skills, counseling, and other forms of pastoral ministry. We will also look at the restrictions under which counseling can take place or is required as directed by national or diocesan church canons. Based on role-playing, written reflections and classroom participation students will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Students may also audit the course. This course is intended for M.Div and MA/MTS students. Pass/fail only.

Dates: Thursdays, 9:40am - 12:30pm
Location: CDSP
Room: Classroom A
Instructor: Thornell
Credits: 3
Course ID: PS-1010
CRN: FA/17-PS-1010-1

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