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The Church Divinity School of the Pacific welcomes you to its Easton Hall Conference Center, a unique guesthouse and conference center in the East Bay, at 2401 Ridge Road, Berkeley, Calif. Easton Hall Conference Center’s guest rooms and meeting spaces provide the perfect venue for guests and organizations to combine a focused workshop, seminar, or retreat with the cultural and natural attractions in the area surrounding the city of San Francisco and Bay Area.
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A video program for parish/group study. Episcopal Dialogues is a program that enables individuals or parishes to study a selected topic facing the Episcopal Church. Members of the faculty at CDSP preside over the content of this program, engaging people from across the Church and outside the Church in dialogue to provide a wide-angle lens on the chosen topic. Each topic is presented through a video series and is accompanied by a study guide.
The eleven accredited seminaries of the Episcopal Church are an enormous resource for preparing men and women for leadership in lay and ordained ministries. The main mission of seminaries is to provide theological and spiritual formation to equip a new generation of clergy and laity for leadership and service in the world. Each seminary offers continuing education with a wide variety of topics and formats.
Several international exchange programs are maintained by CDSP to provide an opportunity for further theological study. Application to these exchange programs should be made in writing to the faculty through the student’s advisor. Students selected must have achieved a good academic record, and, in the opinion of the faculty, must have demonstrated such personal and intellectual qualities that they will be creditable representatives of CDSP.
Prospective Student Visits Prospective students are invited to visit our beautiful Berkeley campus and meet faculty and students Monday-Friday during the school year, particularly on Thursdays when we hold our Community Night eucharist and dinner. For more information about visiting CDSP, contact admissions. For a virtual tour of the campus, visit us on YouTube.

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