Worship Support

Students serve as Sacristans for services at All Saints Chapel.

Sacristans are appointed by the Dean of the Chapel at the last service of the academic year, to serve the following year.
The head Sacristan for 2012-13 is Jason Lucas.

The Chapel Customary explains the ins-and-outs, customs, and idiosyncrasies of the common worship in the Chapel. Copies are available in the Sacristy in Gibbs Hall. Please check with the sacristans if you have any questions about the customary, or if you need a paper copy.

Chapel News is published monthly during the academic year, providing insight into the liturgy and traditions of the upcoming month.

Sermons are given by CDSP faculty, staff, visting preachers, and students. Most preachers are listed in the daily Events Calendar. 

Worship Rota is published at the beginning of each semester, and repeated weekly in the Blue Sheet. It is prepared by the Dean of Chapel and Sacristans, and includes all assignments for liturgical leadership responsibilities for faculty and students.

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