Community Care Committee

The Community Care Committee is composed of students of CDSP who are committed to serving the pastoral needs of the students of this community, specifically and primarily through timely programs, projects, and educational symposia that address the perceived needs of the community.

The funding of needs, programs, projects, and/or symposia must always address the pastoral-care needs of the students of this community. Extracurricular programs are acceptable on rare occasion, and with a majority vote of a quorum of the Committee. Grant funding will be occasional and must meet the specific restrictions placed on the Committee’s funds as specified by the benefactor. All expenditures will ultimately require approval by the President and Dean. Budgets for special programs and educational symposia will require pre-approval by the President and Dean of the School.

The Community Care Committee is composed of members of the full- or part-time student body and the Dean of Students. Students desiring to serve on the Community Care Committee shall be identified to members of the standing Committee, and names brought before a quorum of the Committee for discussion. A vote will be taken and election confirmed by majority of the Committee. Officers of the Committee (President and Secretary) will be nominated and elected annually by the members of the Standing Committee. It is highly recommended that at least one member of the Community Council Executive Committee serve as an ex officio member of the Community Care Committee.

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