In Case of Emergency


  • Take cover beneath a heavy item of furniture, away from windows and falling objects.
  • Do not use the elevator or stairs; when motion stops, use stairs with caution if they are not badly damaged.
  • Do not use electricity if a gas leak is suspected.
  • Limit phone calls to emergencies such as fire and severe injury (see below).
  • Tune battery-powered radio to 1610 AM for information.


  • Activate alarm manually if not automatically activated.
  • Use extinguishers for small fires if you are trained.
  • Contain the fire by closing doors and windows if possible.
  • Stay low to the ground to limit smoke inhalation.
  • Evacuate the building.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Meet in the designated location.
  • Always contact the fire department, no matter how small the fire.

Calling 911

If the emergency threatens human life or property, Do not hang up. Allow the operator to end the call.

Non-Emergency Numbers

  • Berkeley Fire: 510-981-3473
  • Berkeley Police: 510-981-5900

For further detail see link at:

CDSP’s Designated Emergency Gathering Site is the PSR Quad.

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