Living at CDSP

new student hello

Welcome to CDSP Orientation.

We hope your week is helpful, fun, informative and comfortable. Our greatest goal for this time together is to give you enough of the basics to navigate your first weeks here and begin to build a renewing sense of community for your class, and within the school. As we draw that circle, know that your partners, spouses and families are integral to that community.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me or talk to me during Orientation. 

The Rev. L. Ann Hallisey, Dean of Students

                    2013 Orientation Week: August 26-29

Monday, August 26
Morning Prayer 
Introduction of New Students
CDSP Academics, Advising, and Registration
M.Div Overview
Consolidated GTU Orientation
Advising Hours
Welcome Reception
Evening Prayer 

Tuesday, August 27
Morning Prayer 
Formation through Chapel and Daily Office Familiarization
Seminary as Professional / Graduate School
Advising Hours and Lunch Break
Orientation to the Neighborhood
Evening Prayer
Making the Most of your time at CDSP
Advisor and Koinonia Dinner 

Wednesday, August 28
Morning Prayer 
Small Groups
Free Time 
Advising Hours
GTU Welcome BBQ

Thursday, August 29

Morning Prayer
Small Groups
Practices for Keeping Body and Soul Together
ID Photos
Orientation to Chapel
Community Eucharist
Community BBQ

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