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2016 Youth Ministry Symposium

Service [Projects], Mission [Trips], and Privilege

co-sponsored by the Diocese of California and Church Divinity School of the Pacific

The Fourth Annual Youth Ministry Symposium at Church Divinity School of the Pacific focuses on the challenges young people face when they become aware of their own economic, racial, gender, and political privilege in the context of mission trips and service projects. The day will include:

  • Creative devotions led by the Rev. Dr. Susanna Singer of CDSP and the Rev. Canon Julia McCray-Goldsmith, Canon for Discipleship for the Diocese of California
  • Keynote presentation on privilege and power in service projects by Anne Clarke, Lifelong Christian Formation Coordinator for the Diocese of Northern California.
  • Activities and resources designed for a youth retreat or congregational discussion on how many of us benefit from systems rooted in inequality, oppression and racism, and how one can become an ally of those who are harmed by these systems, led by Samantha Haycock, Director of Children and Youth Ministries at Christ Church, Alameda.
  • You’ll go home from the day with new tools and resources to help your youth and your congregation as a whole discuss and reflect upon the ways that mission trips and service projects can raise difficult issues of inequality and racism, and ways in which our faith and the teachings of Jesus can help us respond.

Date: April 9, 2016, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Location: Church Divinity School of the Pacific

Cost: $25 (includes lunch)


About our presenters

Anne Clarke Aug 2015 thumb

Anne Clarke - Keynote Speaker
Anne is the lifelong Christian formation coordinator for the Diocese of Northern California. She recently graduated from Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP) in Berkeley, CA with a Master of Divinity and a MA focusing on faith formation in the area of religion and society. Anne has been a member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Benicia for three years, where she has served as the coordinator of the Abraham Path interfaith project and as the youth and family ministries coordinator. Originally from northwest Indiana, both Anne and her spouse, Myles, lived in Los Angeles for several years before coming to northern California. Before seminary, Anne worked as a teacher, tutor and communications staff person at St. John's Episcopal Cathedral in Los Angeles. Anne works with leaders in the diocese to create partnerships and working groups to increase Christian faith formation in our congregations.




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Samantha Haycock - Workshop Leader
Samantha Haycock is the director of children and youth ministry at Christ Episcopal Church in Alameda. She has been living out her vocation in ministry since 2009 and has served the community of Christ Church since 2012. Her passion in ministry is spreading Jesus’ call for social justice and in helping people to make connections between their daily and spiritual lives so that they can bring their whole and authentic selves to the world. Samantha has been involved in one way or another in most diocesan sponsored youth events over the past decade from summer camps, to Happening, to Episcopal Youth Event, and beyond. Samantha is a banana slug, holding a BA in psychology from UC Santa Cruz and has a certificate in youth and family ministry from Bexley Seabury and Forma Faith Formation Academy. She is a participant in the Collaborative for Church Vitality, serves on the Forma Advocacy Working Group, and assists The Episcopal Church with the youth, young adult, and Sermons that Work online presences. When she is not working Samantha enjoys concocting strange things in her kitchen and hiking all over the place.