University of California at Berkeley

The beautiful CDSP campus at 2451 Ridge Road in Berkeley, California,  is located one block north of the North Gate of the University of California/Berkeley (UCB) campus. Under special arrangement, CDSP and GTU students are able to take courses in prescribed areas at UCB.

Normally a student will take only a few such courses during his or her three-year curriculum. The purpose in doing so will be to integrate a particular theological concern with a specialized area, or to provide better background for this concern.

CDSP students taking UCB courses must be sure to be properly enrolled so as to receive graduate credit for these courses, since only such credit can be counted toward degrees at CDSP. Permission to take these courses must be received from both the student’s advisor and from the Dean of Academic Affairs.

In accordance with the GTU and University regulations, only full time students in a CDSP or GTU degree program who hold an accredited A.B. or equivalent degree are eligible for this cross-registration. UCB Graduate Division courses are open to M.Div. students only after their first year of residency.

Courses in the UCB College of Letters and Science are open to CDSP and GTU students, but as service courses only, unless specifically credited by the school of residence for a degree program.

Students who register for UCB courses are subject to additional fees levied by the university for changes in enrollment.

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