Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

CDSP strongly recommends that all M.Div. students participate in a Clinical Pastoral Education program in the summer between their first and second years.

The Director of Field Education has a directory of accredited CPE locations and application forms. Students are reminded that most diocesan bishops now require CPE for their postulants and students. Information on this requirement should be obtained from the diocesan Commission on Ministry.

Although a few CPE programs offer a stipend, most do not for the basic (first) unit. A tuition fee is required in all cases. Entering students, in planning their budgets, should be aware that the CPE requirements may preclude the earning of any substantial sum during the period of participation.

A student whose performance in the first and second years is regarded as superior may, with the consent of the Faculty, devote part of the third year to a Clinical Pastoral Education course and receive CDSP residence credit for this course. However, since most CPE units are based upon an academic quarter rather than a semester, students should be aware that a full semester residence credit cannot be given for a CPE unit.

The Director of Field Education is to help prepare students for the Clinical Pastoral Education program and to assist each student in evaluation of this experience.

A CPE program may be recorded on the student’s transcript if the supervisor’s final evaluation of the student is submitted to the Director of Field Education and the registration form and fee are submitted.

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