Dr. Donn F. Morgan

Professor of Old Testament

A.B., Oberlin College
B.D., Yale Divinity School

M.A., Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School

Acting Dean and President, CDSP, 1987-88, 1989-90, 1994-95
President and Dean, CDSP, 1995-2010

I have taught Old Testament at CDSP since 1972. Presently Professor of Old Testament, but have had administrative roles at CDSP and the GTU as well. In addition to Old Testament and biblical studies, I have taught Christian Education, homiletics, and other multidisciplinary courses and topics with CDSP and GTU colleagues.

Mission Statement
My primary vocation has always been teaching. Because of the context and content of my teaching, I have become relatively well developed as a theological educator, believing that theological education is critically important for the church to do mission and ministry effectively and well. My own special interests have consistently resided at the interface between the Bible (and other authoritative traditions in communities of faith) and the challenges and opportunities of contemporary living. Simply put, I have always been interested in the “so what?” and the "what difference does it make?" questions. I try as hard as I can to work with students to explore ways to make the Old Testament become a valuable resource in formulating and addressing these questions and issues—hopefully experiencing joy of learning new things. 

Courses Taught
  • Basic Courses Old Testament Introduction; Hebrew (occasionally), exegesis of particular books
  • Typical Elective Courses Exegesis of: Psalms, Jeremiah, Wisdom Books (Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes); thematic courses relating biblical texts and traditions to contemporary issues (leadership, lament, etc.)
In Class
  • I have become increasing committed to being an apologist for theological education. I believe theological education is critical for all members of the church. Whether they are on-line students exploring some special interests, or M.Div. students contemplating a role as educators in the church, or M.A. students who might wish to teach in a college, or D.Min. students assessing the role of ministry and mission in a parish, I will continually push the pertinence of “theological” education wherever our paths meet.
  • I am a walker, a hiker, and a golfer. I love to travel and I love being home too! One of my favorite activities is to take a long walk, with a coffee shop and a good book at the halfway point and at the end of my journey.
Speaker's Bureau Topic
  • Theological Education; Education, the Church, and Mission; Biblical topics and their pertinence to contemporary issues.
Favorites/Book Obsessions/Currently Reading
  • Michael Pollan's Second Nature
  • Jeff Sharlet's The Family

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