Current and Upcoming Courses

This is an introductory course in practices of care for ministry in communities of faith. In various ways over the full stretch of this course (including both Week One in 2018 and Week Two in 2019), we will look at (1) aspects of human emotional/relational/spiritual need (2) as that is shaped by cultural values and societal power dynamics, and ask (3) how our theology listens to, critiques and revisions human need, cultural values and societal dynamics and (4) where that all leads us in terms of practices of care. In Week One we will focus more on individuals’ need for care, especially in crises and everyday change involving loss. In Week Two we will think more in terms of systemic understandings of congregations and families and cross-cultural perspectives, and how these insights can inform our patterns of care. Throughout we will maintain the emphasis on the communal and cultural context for our caring, raise the justice questions, and ask what hope and meaning faith provides. Format for Week One: lecture/discussion, student presentations of care-receivers’ stories, conversations to practice/model listening. Assignments include pre-course reading and an interview with a care-receiver; class presentation, and a post-course reflection paper.

Dates: Mon-Fri, January 8-12
Time: 1:30-5:30pm [note: this class was previously scheduled in the morning]
Location: CDSP
Room: Classroom A
Instructor: Ramshaw
Credits: 1.5
Course ID: PS-1026
CRN: IN/18-PS-1026-1
Enrollment max: No limit

This course has two components: 1) The 5-day course serves as an introduction to the Cross-cultural and Spanish Immersion program and provides participants the opportunity for experiential learning among the eight urban congregations of the New City Parish. We model the style of teaching and learning typical of our urban settings in which there is heavy emphasis on experience and reflection. 2) The 2-week Cross-Cultural & Spanish Language Immersion provides participants the opportunity to begin or continue the process of learning Spanish and Latin American culture, along with experiencing the reality of Latino and African descent families who live in Los Angeles. Participants share in a variety of multicultural experiences with our families, churches and community, learn about the work of urban nonprofits, study and reflect on relevant Bible themes, and train in the Spanish language in small groups with professional teachers from CETLALIC, Cuernavaca, Mexico ( The program is a continuation of the 5 day Ministry in the City course.

The instructors follow the methodology of the Comunidades de Base of South and Central America: SEE the reality, REFLECT on how Scripture speaks to that reality, and ACT as a result of what has been learned. The contents of the diverse activities support the work of the participants as pastors and activists. This is a unique program in Los Angeles, supporting and using the methodology of "popular education" of Paulo Frierie in teaching Spanish to those for whom it is not a native tongue. There will be a 3-5-page paper, due within two months.


CDSP Students: In addition to the CDSP tuition, there is an extra $490 program fee, directly payable to New City Parish (due 12/1). In order to complete enrollment in the program, students must register through CDSP and submit their program fee to New City Parish.

Non-CDSP Students: In addition to the tuition which is due at your own institution, there is an extra $980 program fee, directly payable to New City Parish directly (due 12/1). In order to complete enrollment in the program, students must register through CDSP and submit their program fee to New City Parish.

Dates: January 4-20
Location: New City Parish Metropolitan Ministry & Training Center & CETLALIC, 1009 N Market Street, Inglewood, CA 90302
Instructors: Lobdell and Eklund
Credits: 1.5
Course ID: FTRS-2495
CRN: IN/18-FTRS-2495-1
Enrollment max: no limit

This course focuses on developing skills, tools, and theoretical/reflective capacity for community organizing around multiple issues within a ministry context, and is taught by a team of experienced trainers from IAF (the nation's oldest network of faith-based and community organizations) with additional theological reflection and context provided by a CDSP professor.  Format will include lectures, discussion, role-play, small group work, and reading.  For those taking the course for academic credit, additional reading and writing, including pre-reading and a pre-course paper as well as a final paper, will be required. The course is open to all members of the seminary community and will also include local non-credit participants from community organizing projects.

Dates:  Sun-Fri, January 14-19
Time: 3:00-7:30pm (Sunday only); 8:00am-12:30pm, 1:30-5:30pm (M-F)
Location:  CDSP
Room:  TBD
Instructor:  MacDougall
Credits:  3
Course ID:  FT-1239
CRN:  IN/18-FT-1239-­1
Enrollment max:  60

This is a seminar course, designed to prepare students in the CDSP Low-Residence MDiv program for field education site placements. As a seminar, the course will involve reading, reflection, discussion, and student presentations. This class will help students articulate their learning and ministry goals for field education, develop a plan for entering into a congregational system as a seminarian, and provide a set of tools and models that will serve as the framework for reflection assignments during the placement itself.

Dates: Mon-Fri, January 8-12
Time: 8:00am-12:00pm [note: this class was previously scheduled in the afternoon]
Location: CDSP
Room: TBD
Instructor: McCall
Credits: 0
Course ID: FE-2190
CRN: IN/18-FE-2190-­1
Enrollment max: No limit