Cross-registration instructions for GTU students registering for CDSP classes:

CDSP participates fully in cross-registration with the GTU through its own registration system. Instead of using the GTU Colleague system to cross-register for CDSP classes, non-CDSP students who want to register for a CDSP class will need to register for the course “CDSP 9000 01” in WebAdvisor AND complete this online form. A separate form must be completed for each course. You will know that your cross-registration is complete when you see that the actual course number has replaced "CDSP 9000" on your WebAdvisor schedule. CDSP and GTU registrars will exchange information daily M-F, so expect that your registration will be updated within 24 hours, weekends excepted. Incomplete forms will be returned to the student without any registration being entered.

Search for courses: CDSP Catalog

Courses with a PIN:  If a CDSP course requires a PIN, the student must obtain the PIN from the instructor and enter it in the cross-registration form. If a PIN is required, you must provide that number in order to register for the course.

Dropping a course: Students who decide to drop a course or change their grade  before the end of late registration (this semester, the deadline is February 13) should follow the customary process in WebAdvisor. Students who decide to drop or change a CDSP course after late registration must complete a Change of Enrollment form and submit a copy to both the GTU Consortial Registrar and the CDSP Registrar.

Incompletes:  Students must complete the GTU form and file it with their school registrar by the last day of the term.

Moodle: CDSP now has its own Moodle site. GTU students who register for a CDSP course will receive a CDSP Moodle ID and log-in information. All CDSP students will continue to have GTU Moodle IDs and so will be able to participate fully in courses that use Moodle. The CDSP Moodle site includes a “Moodle Help” box, with a link to a Student FAQ and a link to submit a support request. Any student enrolled in a CDSP course that uses Moodle should use the CDSP Moodle Help, not the GTU Moodle support desk.