Episcopal Dialogues

A video program for parish/group study.

Episcopal Dialogues is a program that enables individuals or parishes to study a selected topic facing the Episcopal Church. 
Members of the faculty at CDSP preside over the content of this program, engaging people from across the Church and outside the Church in dialogue to provide a wide-angle lens on the chosen topic.
Each topic is presented through a video series and is accompanied by a study guide.
The genius of Anglicanism has been the willingness of its practitioners to engage with a diversity of perspectives among its members. In the spirit of comprehensiveness and respecting unity amid differences, Anglicans have a history of engaging with the pressing issues of their day amid changing circumstances. Recognizing the important role the Church has in expressing Christ’s love to the world, Anglicans understand our charge as Christians to offer ourselves as partners in dialogue over topics that concern us as a Church and as citizens of God’s creation – especially those topics that threaten to divide us.
Produced by the Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL), Episcopal Dialogues is currently available in DVD.

Current Release
Elemental Theology: Our Entangled Nature

Elemental Theology provides a new lens for eco-justice ministry by challenging our human-centered thinking and enabling us to see our deeply entangled connection to all of God's creation.  The program consists of six short video segments and a study guide designed for use in a parish/group study.  Order the DVD.

Previous Releases
Understanding the Anglican Covenant 

Understanding the Anglican Covenant is a three-part series that looks deeply at the proposed Anglican Covenant offering a scholarly perspective on this document.  The program consists of three 40-minute videos and a study guide.  Contact the CALL office directly to order at 510-204-0704 or email us.

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