Dining and Shopping

There are a number of restaurants and stores within a block of the CDSP campus, along Euclid Avenue between the campus and UC Berkeley, and within a 15-minute walk to downtown Berkeley.

La Val’s: pizza, sandwiches, salads, pastas, beer and wine. Large-screen TV for sporting events.
La Burrita: burritos, tacos, salads, beer and “tropical” drinks. Small TV for sporting events.
Bongo Burger: Niman Ranch (local) beef, falafel, fries.
Stuffed-Inn: Sandwiches of all sorts, soup, chips, etc. Lunch only.
Nefali Café: Coffee, tea, breakfast, desserts, sandwiches.
Brewed Awakening: Coffee, tea, baked goods, wi-fi.
Northside Café: Breakfast, gourmet hot sandwiches, grilled paninis, etc.
Hummingbird Café: Baked goods, falafel, sandwiches. Breakfast and lunch only.
Asian Food Court: Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean… and hot dogs (around the corner from Euclid going up the hill (east) on Hearst).

Additional Dining on Shattuck:
Cheese Board Pizza: A couple of doors down from its parent, the Cheese Board Pizza sells delicious pizza by the slice or pie, or half-baked to bring home. There's only one kind daily, always vegetarian. Fresh vegetables and herbs, high-quality cheese and lots of olive oil make it really hard not to overindulge. 1512 Shattuck Ave., 510-549-3055. http://cheeseboardcollective.coop/
Chez Panisse: What can we say about a restaurant that not only inspired an American revolution in food preparation but whose proprietor, Berkeley resident Alice Waters, is one of America's best and most beloved cook-celebrities? Fixed price, get your reservations months in advance, eat what they serve you. Amazing ingredients, perfectly fresh and of the highest quality, prepared with imagination and profound respect, will make you remember the experience for years. 1517 Shattuck Ave., 510-548-5525 (dinner reservations only). www.chezpanisse.com
Cafe at Chez Panisse: Upstairs from the restaurant in the same shingled house, the café uses the same principles to less formal (though not necessarily less expensive, depending on how greedy you are) ends. 1517 Shattuck Ave., 510-548-5049. www.chezpanisse.com
Liaison Bistro: The atmosphere in this chic, lively bistro is invariably festive. The food is unpretentious and first rate, and the customers all seem to be embroiled in exciting conversations. As in any proper French bistro, customers seem to feel perfectly comfortable ordering nothing more than a glass of wine and a bowl of French onion soup. 1849 Shattuck Ave., 510-849-2155. www.liaisonbistro.com
Trattoria Corso: This is a causal trattoria featuring the simple rustic food of Florence, with pizzas, pastas, and daily specials. Here, youwill find a full bar with an all Italian wine list. 1788 Shattuck Ave., 510-704-8004. www.trattoriacorso.com

ATMs are in Abah’s Euclid Store on Hearst/Euclid, the Northside Café at Hearst/Euclid, and in the Asian Food Court on Hearst.
Copy Central: Around the corner from Euclid going down the hill (west) on Hearst.
Seven Palms (Ridge/Euclid): Convenience store has food and drink as well as other necessities.
The Campus Store (Ridge/Euclid): Office supplies of all types and some toiletries.

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